Where are Flanders Filters Manufactured?

Founded in Washington North Carolina since 1950, AAF Flanders is now one of the world's largest manufacturers of air filtration solutions with production facilities on 4 continents.

Where are Flanders Filters Manufactured?

Founded in Washington, North Carolina, Flanders has been designing and manufacturing air filtration solutions for commercial and residential HVAC systems, semiconductor manufacturing, chemical, biological, radiological and materials processing, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals since 1950. With the aim of becoming a leader in the U. S. air cleaner business, Flanders has established a wide range of products from commercial to residential use and a nationwide sales network.

Flanders has manufacturing bases close to most of the major United States cities, including Chicago and New York, allowing them to offer competitively priced products with short delivery times and low logistics costs. The company has also expanded its filter business through its subsidiaries AAF and Nippon Muki Co., having established manufacturing bases in Japan, North America, Europe, China and Southeast Asia. Their products have focused on commercial air conditioning filters used in buildings and factories and in engineering fields, such as dust collection systems for production facilities. AAF has been closely integrated into every region of the world and conducts development, production, sales and service for products that meet the needs of a large market.

As a result of the merger with Daikin Group's filter business, the company will become a business with sales of more than 100 billion yen per year. This merger will also serve to improve air environments in homes, buildings and factories; better address global environmental issues, including air pollution mitigation; and meet the growing need worldwide to create comfortable air environments. Air filters are used to remove objects, particles, dust and contaminants from the air and clean it. Not only do they clean the air in living spaces but they also perform the important task of preserving human safety by preventing the release of hazardous substances in factories.

Air filters maintain air environments in places such as factory cleanrooms used to work metals and semiconductors that require high purity quality, reducing the possibility of contamination from the introduction of impurities.


' ClearChoice refrigerator and AirX HVAC filters are manufactured in their factory and headquarters in Indiana with great attention to quality. Don't settle for badly done imitations or overpriced OEM models when it comes to filters - they're not just spare parts but the water and air that our families drink and breathe. AAF Flanders is the world's largest manufacturer of air filtration solutions with production and warehousing facilities as well as distribution centers in 22 countries on 4 continents.

The company is committed to protecting people, processes and systems by developing and manufacturing the highest quality filtration equipment and containment housing available today. As a leading manufacturer of air filters in the United States, Flanders is particularly well-versed in products with high functionality and high added value that are used in industrial cleanrooms such as those in pharmaceuticals and food processing fields. Their first filters were sold to operators of atomic energy reactors and nuclear fuel manufacturing facilities while organizations such as NASA and hospitals use AAF Flanders air filters because they require the cleanest possible air. Given the limited demand for the type of filters Flanders made during its first decade, their growth potential was limited until they diversified into other areas of the filter industry such as CSC activated carbon filters used for containment of potentially hazardous biologically modified microorganisms.

During the early years of the new decade, Flanders focused their development efforts on creating air filtration systems designed to keep air clean in residential and commercial environments. In addition to their residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, Flanders supplies high-performance air filtration systems to industries associated with semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, materials processing and nuclear energy. The design and production of filters for nuclear power installations positioned them at the forefront of technological advances in filter development. Flanders executives were also looking for growth in other segments of the air filter market including increasing use of higher performance filters in commercial and residential spaces. For most sizes you'll have several options to choose from so you can either get a higher quality filter or save a little money with a cost-effective model.

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